BrightGo Solutions focuses on people related processes. Whether that is helping you setup your human resources processes like recruitment, onboarding / orientation, learning and performance management. Or your customer processes like customer discovery, defining a target market, and onboarding new customers.

Why people processes?

Our robot overlords are still at least a couple years into the future before completely replacing people :). So for now people are critical to both our internal success and in the external connections we make too.

A process is a way to deliver a repeatable, improvable and expected delivery of an important function or service. A people processes is a process that has a human as a key input or recipient of the output.

We may think that people are completely unique and that only Operational Excellence focused companies needs to fine tune how activities are completed. However, there are commonalities from one person to the next, a process can have multiple paths for “standard customizations” and both Product Leadership and Customer Intimacy focused companies can benefit from enhancing their people processes.

What is BrightGo’s process in devising processes?

When devising a process for the first time or looking to enhance a current process, we:

  • Start with Discovery - BrightGo will work with you to uncover the true current state and what your ideal future state would be. This includes objective measurements on what success would be to you, your employees and your customers. We define what you are doing now, what works, what doesn’t, and why.
  • Then do Research and Development - Using BrightGo’s expertise (and partner experts), we will devise the new or updated people process. In addition to templates, workflows and step-by-steps, this may also include technology recommendations such as automation, service delivery partners, and interfaces like websites and apps. We ensure the process is right for your organization - just like a growing start-up and the first Canadian office of a multinational are on two unique journeys so they will have two different solutions.
  • Followed by Implementation - BrightGo works with your team to ensure the new processes are learned, understood and lived. A fancy flowchart pinned to a wall or templates saved on a desktop mean nothing when employees continue their old ways or to fly by the seat of their pants. Implementation includes knowledge transfer, metrics and accountability audits.
  • And finally setting you up to Sustain - Like your organization and the world, a process is never static. BrightGo ensures ownership of the process, a feedback loop and that maintenance is included in the process so it can adapt like your company and the world does too.