Meet Kelly, BrightGo's Principal Consultant

Meet Kelly, BrightGo's Principal Consultant

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What is "BrightGo"?

  • BrightGo is our methodology from ideation through delivery: Bright standing for bright ideas, optimization and positivity while Go standing for action, drive and forward thinking
  • Our colour of chartreuse is the colour half way between green and yellow: Green for environment, money and go combined with yellow for sunshine, optimism and friendliness

Select Service Delivery Partners:

In addition to our in-house team, our external partners include:

  • Alignment Ops (business and data systems)
  • DIVERSEcity (translation support)
  • LanaBetty (art and design)
  • Sable Creative Works (communications)
  • Shea Developers (applications and web)
  • Plus HR specialists, recruiters, immigration consultants, real estate agents, relocation support, lawyers and accountants

Kelly Marciniw, CPHR, geMBA - Founder, CEO and Principal Consultant

  • Experience
    • Mostly with privately owned or non-profit organizations ranging from 5-3000 employees and early-stage pre-revenue to hundreds of millions in revenue
    • Companies based in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States and those with multiple-global locations
    • Sectors including accounting, cleantech, design, amusements, education, engineering, entertainment, manufacturing, Olympics, pharmaceuticals, robotics and software development
  • Expertise
    • 10+ years in human resources and product management
    • Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) board member - Treasurer and Director of Grants
    • A Global Executive MBA graduate from University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and University of St. Gallen (HSG)’s School of Management, Ethics and Law - including multiple achievement awards from two top ranked universities in North America and Europe; additional in-residences in South America, Middle East and Asia; and a focus on Applied Innovation and Global Business
    • Completed both a Business Bachelors Degree and a Liberal Arts Certificate from Simon Fraser University for a well rounded base including history, psychology and geography
    • Chartered Professional in Human Resource (CPHR) committed to the Canadian national standard of excellence with an emphasis on the strategic role of HR in business
    • TESOL Certification for honed strong communication across languages and cultures
  • Passions
    • Cleantech… since Kelly was a kid she was both into “saving the planet” (ask her parents about making them pay for recycling back when garbage pickup was free!) and a science & tech nerd, which makes cleantech a natural fit. She particularly enjoys monetizing energy efficiency gains, solar energy, geo-thermal energy, population planning and all things water.
    • Travel… whether it's coast to coast in Canada or extensive international travel, Kelly is always up for an adventure to meet new people and explore new cultures. She particularly enjoys long distance train travel.
    • Learning, play and creativity... it's one of the reasons that Kelly began consulting. To learn directly about new people and their businesses; having fun while finding creative solutions to their needs. She particularly enjoys running experiments and observational research.
    • Infectious enthusiasm... Kelly has been called “buckets of sunshine” and “like a dog with a bone”; she drives forward and brings others with her focused optimism.