Sahar SaidiFounder at LUS Brands - Global Canadian-based Beauty Brand

As the founder of a fast-growing startup, I juggle a hundred things every day. When our growth indicated that it was time to expand our team, I knew that dealing with employment regulations and the assortment of HR issues that come with hiring and onboarding new employees was not something I wanted to add to my already-full plate.

I approached BrightGo Solutions for help and I was more than happy with the level of service that Kelly provided. She was quick and thorough with her communication always. Not only did she answer all of my questions, but she served as a thought partner and even tapped into her own network of professionals to find solutions to some of our more complex problems.

I would highly recommend Kelly and her team at BrightGo Solutions. They will become an important extension to your business very quickly.

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Vafa Moghaddam, President at VARO Global Holding Inc. - Canada-based Diversified Hospitality Company

My name is Vafa and I am the President of Varo Global Holding company which holds 3 businesses in Canada. I approached BrightGo because I needed a business plan, projections for the next two years and balance sheet regarding buying a well known coffee shop in Yaletown (Vancouver).

I met Kelly in person and she took her time not only listening to my original need but also she started to keep my mind challenged about the real situation of the business and it's future. The unexpected part began when I realized she is not doing just a routine job and she was showing the way to search real customers, how to use the statistic links (demographic and analytic tools) and how to achieve the goal. She was very professional and asked me about some numbers and she took care the rest of that.

The result was amazing in both banks giving the approval and learning the real vision of my future business. I would highly recommend BrightGo to people who need documents for financial institutions and any consultation around starting a new business or even building a stronger one.


Denise Chapman Weston, Director at Apptivations - Global USA-based Entertainment Studio

Kelly has been an amazing creative on a team in development of amusement parks and technology. Her skillset in management and organization of projects and products are outstanding. We were reliant on her expertise in project management that required many layers of client relationships along with mutual understanding of the projects goals and needs.

I'm looking forward to working with Kelly in the future.