BrightGo Solutions is your localization team as you establish your company in Canada. While we support all businesses in Canada, currently our main locations are enviro & tech focused west-coast Vancouver and life sciences & advanced manufacturing focused prairie Winnipeg.

Canada ranks highly in the ease of doing business rankings. British Columbia has numerous business friendly government policies, Vancouver is the gate-way from Asia to the Americas and Vancouver is also consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities. Manitoba is deserving of its "friendly" reputation both for businesses and families, Winnipeg has a long history of diversity and Winnipeg is also centrally located within North America and shipping routes.

See below for some ideas on where we could help amplify your success here in Canada:

  • Hiring practices
    • BrightGo works with you in developing your recruitment process and workforce plan in a Canadian context (both culturally and legally). Ensuring you know how to define roles, balance current culture and the benefits of diversity, and guiding the hiring team on the steps to secure a successful hire. While also ensuring you meet employment standards (provincially or federally; codified law and common law), the Canadian Human Rights Act, and Occupational Health & Safety requirements.
  • Onboarding programs
    • Once you have that fabulous hire, we can set-up an onboarding program that welcomes the new team member and gets them integrated and performing as quickly as possible.
  • Learning and performance management
    • Lifelong learners are the lifeblood of your organization and all levels of performers benefit from coaching and performance management. BrightGo will develop a learning and performance program (including compensation, award and recognition) suited to your and your team members’ goals now and for the future.
  • Business planning
    • Marketing, sales, operations and finance are key areas that could use an experienced thoughtful guide - knowing which questions to ask and where gaps may be. BrightGo is your partner in developing then writing a cohesive business plan suitable to the Canadian business environment.
  • Customer touchpoints
    • BrightGo will setup the needed processes to ensure hard-won customers are attended to in the right way and your organization works together to maximize each touchpoint in the customer journey.