Our vision

We envision positive sustainable work experiences for both the employees and the internationally connected employer. We share your feeling that Canada is a great place to do business and we want to help make it a success for the long-term.

Our mission

To amplify new companies' successes through Canadian human resources with a global perspective.

BrightGo's solutions are sized right for your company. Whether you are a brand new venture headed by an immigrant entrepreneur or a new to Canada business that started internationally, we believe those first few steps in Canada are vitally important in building a sustainable growing organization. And by growing, we mean growing your positive impact - socially, environmentally and financially.

Our values

  • Take care: At BrightGo we take care to achieve quality in the solutions we provide and are thoughtful in the small, relentless changes needed to make a big impact.
  • Have fun: Putting customers first isn't all hard work - its a lot of fun too... sharing a smile, sharing a laugh, and sharing some optimism for what's next together!
  • Nurture trust: Our partnership is based on being mutually accountable, having aligned goals and relying on what we say to each other.
  • Let's go: Go global, go green, go grow, let's go! - BrightGo is your partner in action.

Our responsibility

  • BrightGo donates 1% of all revenue to select organizations with a social and/or environmental sustainability mandate both locally and globally.
  • We have preferential pricing for not-for-profit organizations. Please let us know if this applies to you.
  • BrightGo takes care in the day-to-day choices we make to reduce our carbon footprint including alternative transport, paperless invoicing and ethical electronics recycling.